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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns

Having a beautiful, interesting and user-friendly website is not everything, you also need to have traffic on it. Here into the play, comes in Search Engine Optimization (or SEO). The aim of SEO is so that the website appears above other websites in the natural listings on search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, when a potential customer is searching for a related phrase online.

Search Engine algorithm updates (Google makes more than one update a day) and competing websites improving their SEO, makes SEO an ongoing process.

Benefits of Pay-Per-Click (PPC):

    1. Speed-to-market

Unlike organic SEO, PPC ads can be launched quickly, bringing in targeted traffic and qualified leads to your website.

    1. Reach

Additional traffic can be sent to your website, expanding your online visibility and helping you establish your company as a leader in your industry.

    1. Highly-targeted website traffic

Assigning different ad copies for specific keywords and demographics can dramatically increase the quality of website traffic.

    1. Testing Capabilities

PPC is a great way to provide low-risk testing for keywords, enabling you to determine if a full site optimization campaign is worthwhile.

    1. Maximize the return on your marketing investment

Because you pay for PPC only when an ad is clicked, it’s easy to manage costs, track conversions, and determine your ROI.

Some Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Facts

Over 100 billion global searches are made each month. % of users say that they:
find what they are looking for when using search engines 91%
the information they found was trustworthy & accurate 73%
search engines are fair & provide unbiased information 66%
begin online activities with a search engine 93%