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Our Agency

We are a multinational creative agency that specializes in digital media solutions. We design and create. We are green, ethical and love innovation.

We are ethical

We are about making a positive difference. We have created and host free of charge – charities, non-profits and social businesses.

We love to innovate

We are a small team with unique ideas. We love to innovate.

We love to collaborate

We like to keep you involved. Creating is a collaborative process.

Our Team

Bart is our tech genius in:

  • web (html5, css3, xml )
  • database (mssql, mysql, postgresql)
  • programming (c, c#, java)
Bart Soha
21 years old
Jakub Szulczyk
Media Editor
27 years old

Kuba has two passions design and psychology.
First website he designed was at the age of 13, since then he never stopped refining his web skills.
For the past 5 years, he has been extensively studying psychology and human mind.
We believe, these two connected with his limitless creativity, make him an ideal Art Director for Web-lab.

Kuba Soha
Art Director
28 years old
Tim Wilton
34 years old